Water-jet cutting is a method of cutting various materials using a high-pressure stream of water, we are able to cut nearly any material from .0001" to 8" thick.

It has a number of capabilities and advantages, including;
1. Versatility: Water-jet cutting can cut through a wide range of materials, including:

- Metals [copper / steel / stainless / bronze / brass / etc.];
- Foam [soft / hard / rubber / etc.];
- Woods;
- Masonry [tile / quartz / marble / granite / stone / etc.];
- Glass [stained / clear / frosted / NOT tempered glass];
- Plastics [ABS / POP / UHMW / nylon / delrin / acrylic / etc.];
- Machinable ceramics [MACOR / RESCOR / etc.]; and 
- Composites [fiberglass / g10 / redboard / carbon fiber / etc.].

2. Precision: Water-jet cutting can produce very precise cuts, with a tolerance of as little as 0.005 inches (though typical tolerances are +-.010, unless explicitly requested). This makes it ideal for cutting intricate shapes and designs.

3. No heat-affected zone: Because water-jet cutting uses a cold cutting process, there is no heat-affected zone (HAZ) around the cut edge. This means that there is no distortion or warping of the material being cut.

4. No need for secondary finishing: The cuts made by water-jet cutting are typically very smooth and clean, with no need for secondary finishing.

5. Environmentally friendly: Water-jet cutting is an environmentally friendly cutting method, as it uses only water and does not produce any harmful byproducts or waste.

6. Fast and efficient: Water-jet cutting is a fast and efficient cutting method, with cutting speeds of up to 600 inches per minute.

7. Low tooling costs: Unlike other cutting methods that require specialized tools or dies, water-jet cutting does not require any tooling. This can result in lower costs and faster turnaround times.

Overall, water-jet cutting is a versatile, precise, and environmentally friendly cutting method that offers many advantages over other cutting methods.

We also are able to do bending, shearing, punching, rolling [plate and sheet], (AWS certified) welding [TIG / MIG], and cutting operations here on site. With decades of experience welding steel, stainless steel and aluminum we are able to tackle almost any job with ease.

Here at A1Fab we cut parts for all kinds of customers and industries. We have cut parts for walk-ins, movie props, race cars, machine shops, aerospace, motorcycle, food service, HVAC, tattoo, aircraft, signs, art, and many, many more! 

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