We also are able to do bending, shearing, punching, rolling [plate and sheet] welding [TIG / MIG] and cutting operations here on site. With many years of experience welding steel, stainless steel and aluminum we are able to tackle almost any job with ease.

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other services offered

Here at A1Fab we cut parts for all kinds of customers and industries. We have cut parts for walk-ins, movie props, race cars, machine shops, aerospace, motorcycle, food service, HVAC, tattoo, aircraft, signs, art, and many, many more! 

phone: 520-807-3545

email: a1fabinc@gmail.com

industries / customers


By using the WaterJet process, we are able to cut almost any material from 0.001" to 8" thick. 

Materials include and are not limited to:

- Metals [copper / steel / stainless / bronze / brass / etc]
- Foam [soft / hard / rubber / etc]
- Woods
- Masonary [tile / quartz / marble / granite / stone / etc]
- Glass [stained / clear / frosted / NOT tempered glass]
- Plastics [ABS / POP / UHMW / nylon / delrin / acrylic / etc]

-Machinable ceramics [MACOR / RESCOR / etc] 

-Composites [fiberglass / g10 / redboard / carbon fiber / etc]